ID Snapshot Tools 5 Spectra Author
34102 none 80W-90 gear oil fluorescence (calibrate to display) mathew
34103 none 20W-50 motor oil fluorescence (calibrate to display) mathew
34113 none 20W-50 3 drops (calibrate to display) mathew
34117 none 5W-30 undiluted (calibrate to display) mathew
34118 none 2-cycle 2 drops (calibrate to display) mathew



different grades of motor oil flourescing. I am looking for a blue-green shift from heavy to light oils.

over 6 years ago, mathew wrote:

5W-30 has a peak at 444nm 20W-50 at 436-8 80W-90 at 432-435

2-cycle is unlabeled, and so its grade isn't known. but it has a peak at 445

over 6 years ago, warren wrote:

Note: none of these clipped!

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