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Six calibration spectra of CFL bulbs taken by Ebert, and a reference diagram of standard CFL emission lines. The CFL spectra were calibrated by pinning down the peaks at 405 and 650 nm. Those end members are well calibrated, but other peaks are not. It looks either like my reference diagram is wrong or there is a very consistent non-linearity in the diffraction patterns captured by Ebert. I assume the latter is true, which means that calibrating spectra taken with Ebert will require entering more than two reference points and then applying a non-linear function to the data to calibrate them.

over 9 years ago, warren wrote:

I wonder if we can test the affine calibration macro code by simulating it somehow, before coding it. Could we attempt to do it in a spreadsheet to see if the values would match up, just for a few values?

over 9 years ago, cfastie wrote:

I will try a polynomial in Excel and see if I can make the peaks move to the right place.

over 9 years ago, cfastie wrote:

A 3rd order polynomial did the trick: (testing markdown)

over 9 years ago, warren wrote:

Markdown now working! (quick break from the alpha site)

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