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4964 none Vermont Fancy 03/09/13 (calibrate to display) cfastie
4965 none Medium Amber cfastie
4966 none Dark Amber cfastie
4967 none Grade B cfastie
4968 none Maple sap cfastie



Four Vermont grades of maple syrup and fresh sugar maple sap.

almost 7 years ago, warren wrote:

Wow, you have quite a collection; do you think this is just a matter of concentration?

almost 7 years ago, cfastie wrote:

All grades have pretty much the same concentration of sugar. Color develops partly as a function of heating, especially when certain chemical changes happen late in the boiling process when temperatures are highest. Extraneous organic matter in the sap, like bacterial growth, will also darken syrup. So light colored Vermont Fancy only happens when the sap has a naturally high sugar concentration, (requires less heating), and is fresh and cold (free of microbes). The sap that runs early in the season is most likely to produce Fancy syrup. That sap may also have a different combination of sugars and other components (amino acids) which give it a more delicate flavor. I just made the second quart of Fancy this week. The other grades are from my vintage collection.

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