9 July Fieldwork Lake Peipsi, Estonia. Water Quality. Upwelling Radiance, 135deg from sun, 45deg to surface

about 8 years ago, warren wrote:

Cool -- what kind of water quality are you looking at? Some kind of pollutant?

about 8 years ago, philippg wrote:

hi, no we try to extract water constituent concentrations from optical measurements. mainly chlorophyll-a, but also other stuff. we (the ocean color community) do this regularly with professional spectrometers and i wanted to see how well the desktop kit performs in comparison. i'll post my results and conclusions these days :-). but one thing is already obvious: sensitivity is an issue. but i have some ideas to tackle that. sooo, next station to be measured. greetings from estonia! cheers, philipp

about 8 years ago, warren wrote:

very cool - i'm sure you know already but the best place to post is

Hello to Estonia!

Have you tried fluorescence? A green laser or strong UV light can amplify a signal a lot.

Also, some people are modifying the spectrometers to use an SLR or a longer-exposure-capable camera. That will dramatically improve sensitivity. Some utilities can also be used to boost gain and exposure -- you can find them documented on the site. Good luck, thanks for the cool work!

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