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-- (Cloned calibration from CFL spectrum 15 sec exposure) -- (Cloned calibration from CFL spectrum 15 sec exposure)


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cflj1 jsb95003 1
almost 8 years ago, suiris wrote:

CFL spectrum taken with a Canon IXUS 120 + removed IR filter, 15 sec exposure. Slit 0.08mm 30cm to grating.

almost 8 years ago, warren wrote:

Very nice!

almost 8 years ago, suiris wrote:

Thanx Warren! Will be playing some more with my new spectral box. Just a week ago I had no clue about this website, thanks to many contributers I was able to build my own spectrometer, always loved playing with light ever since I was a small kid.

about 7 years ago, emontoya57 wrote:

Really impressive. Your spectrometer will surely resolve lines separated by less than a half of nanometer, like for example the atomic sodium D lines.


almost 3 years ago, sarahc wrote:

Has anyone got a UK Amazon link to the CFL that produced this light?

All mine are wide spectrum. =(

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104572 Saline 28 Mar 17:54 rosie
104574 Stream water 28 Mar 17:58 rosie
104576 Calibration 28 Mar 18:01 rosie
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