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Uploaded on September 09, 2013 03:40 UTC

I'm wondering whether I can detect selenium in pet coke / coal samples from the mississippi river -- (Cloned calibration from Lead from


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almost 9 years ago, eustatic wrote:

I ran the peak detection macro. that was kind of weird

almost 9 years ago, eustatic wrote:

I'm still not sure how to calibrate this with Warren's spectra from NIST. I don't seem to be able to use that Lead spectra, because it is not one that i generated myself

almost 9 years ago, eustatic wrote:

here is the one i want to calibrate to...

almost 9 years ago, eustatic wrote:

there are two humps, perhaps i should calibrate to those?

294-300 and 490

almost 9 years ago, eustatic wrote:

how do i get the pixel distance...

over 8 years ago, warren wrote:

Oh, sorry i had missed these comments! lets talk tomorrow night. you should be able to clone calibration from any other NIST spectrum:

over 8 years ago, warren wrote:

OK rad, i fixed the calibration search function and calibrated this one (i'm an admin) -- we should talk to Andy Z from the Bucket Brigade about what elements to look for - he wanted to help compile a list.

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