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Uploaded on April 25, 2012 18:19 UTC

A quick test of concept, my spectrometer is made from toilet paper tubes and yellow duct tape (hence all the yellow). Just a spectrum of daylight on a cloudy day.


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about 10 years ago, jywarren wrote:

wow congratulations -- would you post some photos of your device at We'd love to see it

about 10 years ago, joshmc wrote:

Thanks! The device toilet paper tube spectrometer is pretty crude, I just made in about 20 minutes to see if I could make this work. I have a new spectrometer in the works now, pretty much the same design as the one on this site made from a VHS box, but just in a cardboard box. I might be able to post some pictures of both later, if I can figure out how. I'm still trying to figure out how this site works ;)

about 10 years ago, joshmc wrote:

I tried to post a pictures on a note from my dashboard but it didn't work. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if that's what you meant. So some pictures can be seen here:

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206829 green3 03 Mar 19:16 ulisesmendezgonzalez9721
200603 white_screen3 30 Nov 06:05 005872538
200666 night_mode2 01 Dec 22:01 005872538
200665 bl_glasses2 01 Dec 21:54 005872538
200667 bl_glasses2 01 Dec 22:01 005872538
200039 Fito2 24 Nov 17:31 shestakov40
200020 Espectro Solar 211120 24 Nov 13:43 luis_guayambuco
200149 Sol 25 Nov 15:31 windersonjoseribeiro405
200230 svecha 25 Nov 18:09 crazy_mofo_and_potato
200233 3232323232 25 Nov 18:20 crazy_mofo_and_potato
200236 3232323232 25 Nov 18:23 crazy_mofo_and_potato
200355 abp 27 Nov 02:23 matrix_dsxl
200409 Halogena 27 Nov 18:43 bruna_medeiros
200403 Lampada Fluorescente 27 Nov 18:02 bruna_medeiros
200490 LampFluorLucas 28 Nov 03:27 02105800629
200480 LampadaLEDLucas 28 Nov 02:51 02105800629
200478 Lampada fluorescente 3 28 Nov 02:39 02105800629
200518 spectre 1 28 Nov 13:44 lucapascal093
200519 spectre 1 28 Nov 13:44 lucapascal093
200536 CFL definida 3 29 Nov 06:03 makenci_123
200599 Water blank 30 Nov 05:40 diazraymond23
200664 white_screen3 01 Dec 21:52 005872538
200668 white_screen3 01 Dec 22:02 005872538
200622 Nicole Halpin PHY 2341 04 30 Nov 22:39 nswiercz
200640 Led 01 Dec 14:21 jakezz
200681 Sunlight 01 Dec 23:22 jjeluna
200712 Cel 2 02 Dec 14:47 jjeluna
200875 Penlight 04 Dec 08:06 jarrodhollis
200937 vvv 04 Dec 18:30 arinka020856
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// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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