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Uploaded on April 26, 2012 13:58 UTC

-- (Cloned calibration from Calibration on Home Fluorescent 2)


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Operations enable reversible modification of data -- they act like filters which process the data. The graph you see above represents the data after these operations have been run. Delete them to undo their effects, or to apply them in a new order.

  • The thumbtack symbol indicates that data has been saved in a snapshot upon running that operation.
  • The symbol indicates that the operation's data snapshot is being referred to by another operation. Click it to learn more.
  • Operations with a #000-style suffix, like subtract:3243#2414 are referring to a specific snapshot (in this example, #2414) of another spectrum. Click to learn more.

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Cree XM-L Cool vs. Warm joshmc 3

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ID Title Created Author
205117 alcohol 15 Feb 23:56 u5600243
205120 alcohol 16 Feb 00:03 est_manuela_ramirez
205147 FlourescentLight 16 Feb 01:19 gl450888
205149 FlourescentLight 16 Feb 01:23 gl450888
206773 70% rojo 03 Mar 18:03 ulisesmendezgonzalez9721
205434 Lampara cel 17 Feb 23:25 angel559
205525 BLUE Conc1 18 Feb 16:12 monika_dukalska2
205553 neon lamp 18 Feb 18:12 darcityfirster
205640 Thunder Spect1 19 Feb 20:35 stef
205725 cali 2 21 Feb 23:58 kstudener
205765 asd 22 Feb 08:38 naufalhilmieff
205838 cab2 22 Feb 19:06 eruizolivarez
206764 Solucio rojo 10% 03 Mar 17:38 ulisesmendezgonzalez9721
205977 spektrAG 23 Feb 14:25 daravolchek677
205981 spektrAG 23 Feb 14:33 daravolchek677
205985 spektrAG 23 Feb 14:45 daravolchek677
spectrum.addAndParseTag('smooth:10'); // Smooth the spectrum

// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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