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Uploaded on April 26, 2012 21:33 UTC


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Operation Date Description

Operations enable reversible modification of data -- they act like filters which process the data. The graph you see above represents the data after these operations have been run. Delete them to undo their effects, or to apply them in a new order.

  • The thumbtack symbol indicates that data has been saved in a snapshot upon running that operation.
  • The symbol indicates that the operation's data snapshot is being referred to by another operation. Click it to learn more.
  • Operations with a #000-style suffix, like subtract:3243#2414 are referring to a specific snapshot (in this example, #2414) of another spectrum. Click to learn more.

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about 10 years ago, jywarren wrote:

Hey Josh - be aware that only the top edge is being sampled -- so in this example, the moment you took the sample you were getting only a fraction of the light you were getting a few seconds earlier -- it's like a waterfall. Nice data though and plenty to calibrate on.

about 10 years ago, joshmc wrote:

Thanks for that note! I was wondering if it sampled just a certain time or averaged all that was shown. Is there a way to delete spectra that are loaded on here when I save them, or save them on my computer without uploading them? I don't want to clutter this place with a bunch of junk ones as I figure this thing out.

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ID Title Created Author
210077 cfl2 26 Mar 07:35 meowmeow
210075 Fluorescent lamp 26 Mar 07:28 amsyarzikry28
217645 Fluorescent lamp 08 May 10:31 ariffselatan
210210 CFL 26 Mar 18:32 aizasyuhanizz
210161 ftl 1 26 Mar 17:00 sif190058
210190 Fluorescent 26 Mar 17:32 sif190013
210374 cft 2 27 Mar 13:10 sif190058
210206 ib 1 26 Mar 18:05 sif190058
210207 ib 1 26 Mar 18:05 sif190058
210248 Incandescent_1 27 Mar 00:53 najmanariff
210249 Incandescent_1 27 Mar 00:54 najmanariff
210452 car headlight 28 Mar 22:58 lilyjones0220
210588 ice 31 Mar 22:49 pbleic
210647 3try 02 Apr 03:40 sorinilya
210754 lampa 05 Apr 17:49 refodo9833
spectrum.addAndParseTag('smooth:10'); // Smooth the spectrum

// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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