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Uploaded on April 27, 2012 02:34 UTC


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Operations enable reversible modification of data -- they act like filters which process the data. The graph you see above represents the data after these operations have been run. Delete them to undo their effects, or to apply them in a new order.

  • The thumbtack symbol indicates that data has been saved in a snapshot upon running that operation.
  • The symbol indicates that the operation's data snapshot is being referred to by another operation. Click it to learn more.
  • Operations with a #000-style suffix, like subtract:3243#2414 are referring to a specific snapshot (in this example, #2414) of another spectrum. Click to learn more.

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over 10 years ago, joshmc wrote:

I'd appreciate some help in adjusting my setup, it seems like this is a little blurrier than I'd imagine it could be. The peaks are pretty well defined, but I think the troughs should be lower. Any ideas on what might need to be adjusted? Eg, make a smaller slit, the DVD is smudged, the DVD isn't quite vertical, etc.

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ID Title Created Author
211332 Luz branca 2 09 Apr 17:59 charcutaria_arcadia
211330 Laser verde 09 Apr 14:53 charcutaria_arcadia
211338 Led Rojo 09 Apr 22:15 replik724
211437 vela 10 Apr 22:09 taquitopicoso777
211466 Calibracion 11 Apr 11:01 tomas_schejbal
211519 Primer espectro 11 Apr 22:19 cocorock_et50
211579 V3 Cal 12 Apr 16:15 justaregularguy
211786 Red 14 Apr 03:54 manuel_piesgrandes
211813 led blanco 14 Apr 12:39 lfernandosl98
211848 Design 3 spectrum 13 14 Apr 15:00 mitch_wilkinson8
211864 frst 14 Apr 16:57 vova_veugandt
211953 led 15 Apr 05:27 hector23sanang
211955 led 15 Apr 05:44 hector23sanang
211971 errterter 15 Apr 07:45 heshxxx
spectrum.addAndParseTag('smooth:10'); // Smooth the spectrum

// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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