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Uploaded on January 22, 2013 18:36 UTC

cfl in kitchen with glass difuser from nexus 10 manual upload


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cal20130122_1242 prof_braino 1
over 9 years ago, prof_braino wrote:

says not calibrated selecting calibrate opens a pop up that has a button "begin" selecting begin closes the window, calibration is not performed.
from nexus 10 opera

over 9 years ago, prof_braino wrote:

From PC: selecting "calibrate" opens a window. Selecting "begin" closes the window. Using firefox on PC, for image already uploaded from nexus 10

over 9 years ago, prof_braino wrote:

OK, got it figured out. The instructions seem to be out of sequence. The prompt that should follow selecting "begin" is displayed BEFORE the begin button is pressed.

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// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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