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Uploaded on March 02, 2013 22:48 UTC

Calibration for Snowy Sky Spectrum. Calibrated with $W.calibrate(4474,784.3,405.4,1969,650), Spectrometer: Ebert, Camera: Canon S95, ISO: 80, F/4.5, shutter speed: 1/10 sec., focal length: 9.64 mm, focus distance: 2 feet Slit width: about 0.01 mm


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over 9 years ago, warren wrote:

remarkably clear! starting to see distinct sub-peaks in the green. Maybe we should refine our calibration algorithm...

over 6 years ago, warren wrote:

Haha -- 3 years later, we did!

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ID Title Created Author
70723 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 04 Feb 22:13 warren
72360 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 24 Feb 21:45 warren
90848 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 14 Nov 14:50 danielgdv100
96366 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 14 Dec 13:21 redsun
98289 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 11 Jan 14:46 ej062329
117958 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 23 Nov 07:36 trikusuma005
126482 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 02 Mar 09:20 tjoetnia
136431 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 07 Jun 10:39 saram
142650 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 23 Sep 15:32 orangeshortcake
142651 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 23 Sep 15:32 orangeshortcake
154564 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 11 Apr 21:11 joaodornelas
158819 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 28 May 14:30 emma_yen
159841 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 11 Jun 09:24 hodataeb75
175518 CLF_CFL_SnowSky 18 Apr 09:32 rabo
205839 3 22 Feb 19:08 ferdi
205841 calibrate 22 Feb 19:20 ferdi
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// spectrum.addAndUploadTag('smooth:10'); // <== to save 

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