DIY material analysis

Use a homemade spectrometer to scan different materials, and contribute to an open source database.

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Solux 4700K Lamp Absorbance...

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4 samples at different concentrations of Rhodamine B in Ethanol

Absorbance spectra several ...

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Fuchsin Malachite green Safranin O Eosin Y Fluorescein Solux 4700K 12vdc lamp source

Rhodamine B in Ethanol July10

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Control sample - 1ml Rhodamine B standard (100PPM) Sample 1-0.1ml Sample 2-0.3ml Sample 3-0.6ml Sample 4-0.8ml Sample 5-1ml EX:532nm Green Laser (DPSS)

Solux Lamp Spectrum 4700K

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Solux lamp 12vdc 5A - 1st spectrum was captured after a 5 minute warm up lamp time and the second spectrum was captured after a 10 minute warm up lamp time.

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